Bill, I was blown away!! Thank you so much.

Bob  Levy



thank you so much for your wonderful invitation to your gracious home for a lovely afternoon of conversation and music.   it was as charming a day as I can imagine and much appreciated.

ralph smith


Bill – as most of us who have seen 5 decades of stuff, we have grown up in a great musical time and have seen many great shows.
For me they have been Tower of Power at Paterson State College after Back to Oakland came out (and before it was called William Paterson University) – Zappa many times at the Capital theater in Passaic – Peter Gabriel at Schaeffer Music Festival in Central Park right after the “Melt” album came out (although we just called it Gabriel III back then).
Today was definitely right up there – the musicianship, the sound, the friendship and fun of the crowd was incredible.
I even got to talk with BP for fifteen minutes – how else am I gonna do that?
Thank you very much.

Consider me a regular!

Thanks again.

Tom Coughlin


To be able to hear some of the greatest musicians in the world and all it takes is a 5 minute drive..You guys have created the “Dream”   Thanks,   billy williams


Congratulations on another great show. You are a creative lifeboat in the musical world.

Truly a golden moment!

Mike Orrell


Bill and Julie,

I was BLOWN AWAY by how your vision of your house materialized, and the magic you have created. You are living a dream and I was privileged to experience it with such a nice group of people. Yesterday’s music was by far the most amazing music I’ve ever heard, and talent aside, the atmosphere you created was in good part responsible for it. The band was obviously moved by the thought you put into the design of your home and the people you collect to fill it. Thank you so much for making us a part of it.

Thanks for making Matt and my 1st outing together sans kids in four years so memorable! I never go out without my kids, but I’m throwing that to the wind to see you again August 23rd!

Thanks again,



Matt posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“The sheer overwhelmingness of Rob Paparozzi, The Hudson River Rats, and Bernard Purdie nearly eclipsed for a moment, Bill, the immeasurable gratitude I have for your taking it upon yourself to make such priceless musical experiences possible in our local community. Thanks, and not just for the music only!”


Dear Billy & Julie,

I must say, I was truly impressed with the show yesterday, not to mention your wonderfulness as people. What you’re doing is akin to the revival of a lost art. And I knew you would do it right, too. The room makes such a difference. Plus, you’ve got great acoustics. I was listening very carefully to the audience response. During the applause, it sounded like there were 500 people in the room. (I’m sure your video will confirm this.) I believe there is a much higher excitement level in this kind of atmosphere. Each show so far has been entirely different from the other. It reminds me of the first season of Saturday Night Live. They had very esoteric, little-known, but incredibly talented artists on each week like Keith Jarret and Leon Redbone. You get the idea.

Anyway, I love you both, and keep it going!